After Mormonism What?

This excellent book ought to be owned and studied by everyone who knows a former (or present) Mormon.  Colleges would do well to incorporate it as required reading in theology of cults and evangelism classes. —  Jerry Lewis, Christian Standard

This is a book that deals with the void that is left in a person’s life when they leave a religion like Mormonism. . .This is approached secularly and then biblically by Scott.. .We recommend this book to those interested in any cult-like group and especially to anyone interested in the Mormon church. —Does God Exist

( Review)  Informative and mind-opening!, January 14, 1999 (New York) – See all my reviews
Very valuable in understanding how to understand and communicate with a mormon. The section on Contrasting LDS teachings with the Word of God, is very amazing. It is put in simple and easy to follow format.