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I pull an amorphous issue forward until it resolves into its face. Then I put my face right up against it and talk to it. I take all comers: the monolith of Mormonism, the challenge of writing truthful fiction, the bittersweet contradictions of faith in a mysterious and terrifying God of love. I look them all straight in the eye.”  –Latayne C. Scott

Latayne C Scott, award-winning writer, is the author of 20 books, including the  hardcover, audio and ebook Discovering the City of Sodom with Dr. Steven Collins (Howard/Simon&Schuster.) Other recent books: The Hinge of Your History: The Phases of Faith;  The Mormon Mirage 3rd Edition (Zondervan) and her first work of fiction, Latter-day Cipher on Barnes and Noble (Moody).  In addition, Trinity Southwest University Press now publishes her theological works, including The Heart’s Door, Just You, Me and God, and  Passion, Power, Proxy, Release.

Scott has also published hundreds of articles in national magazines and on blogs.

Currently she is completing a work of psychological suspense, an essay book, and a novel with the premise that a woman wrote one of the epistles of the New Testament.


BLE Tour 2011 195

Dr. Collins and Dr. Scott atop Tell el-Hammam, site of biblical Sodom


Trailer for Latter-Day Cipher

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