Reason 79: Because Mormonism Teaches Three Gods

One of the most powerful tools used by Mormons to discredit traditional Christianity is the concept of the Godhead.

Mormons have a description of three deities: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost, each of whom has a distinct history and ontology. This  is, I believe, much easier to understand than many of the descriptions I’ve heard of the true God of the Bible, the true Trinity described (no, not named such I will admit) in the Bible.

The problem isn’t with the truth of the Trinity.  The problem is that many Christians unwittingly misuse the name of God — by limiting the use of that name to the Father alone.  True, the Father is God.  But so is Jesus, wholly and completely God. And so is the Holy Spirit.

Here’s a diagram that helps me a lot with this difficult concept:



  1. Mary Ellen Evans
    Jul 7, 2009

    For those (Mormon or not) who have difficulty grasping the concept of Trinity, a teacher I had many years ago illustrated it by saying every human is also a trinity made up of body, mind, and soul. Those are essential parts of us, and each serves a different function for us, yet we are still just one being. However, if the body or mind dies, the other one will not survive for long (at least naturally) before the soul leaves. We need all 3 to exist.

  2. admin
    Jul 7, 2009

    That’s what I, and other representational thinkers, have concluded too. Just as God Himself is triadic, so is His creation, man; and so is reality itself, language, etc.

    For more details on this go to

    This series of lessons reinforces this idea.

    Great comment, Mary!

  3. Savannah
    Jan 3, 2012

    These are intesting ideas on The Godhead. I am not saying you are correct nor am I saying that the Mormons are correct. What I am saying is main stream christianity pulls their doctorine from the start of the Christianity era and idealistics. The only problem is no one will know the truth until they meet their Maker on the day of judgement. The reason I state this is, main stream Christianity gets most of their beliefs from one Original source the Bible. Yet while the Bible is a holy writ and is devine in nature, yet it is has been open to the interpritations of man and I feel corrupted. One of the problems many of the ideas christians go by were formed by the first ecumenical council, which met the year 325. This is where in the council determined many of Chirstianity beliefs. To bad most of what was done at this time was put up to a vote and the popular vote ruled. The divity of Christ was one of them. By a narrow vote Christ was given the status of Son of God instead of the other side which stated him to be either an insain man or just a holy man of God. Much like that, the Godhead was also put up to a vote, yes a vote, groups like one that followed the ideas of Athanasius, which believed God the Father and Christ were seperage, and many others were out voted and thus the reason for the trinity or the ideas of Modalism which is that God and Christ were one.

    So who knows, i guess we won’t find out till that day of judgement.

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