Interesting week!

I apologize for not posting last week.  I taught a “World View, World Religions and Cults” class at Trinity Southwest University last week.  Nowhere else in the world can you get this subject matter taught by an ex-cultist who is a representational thinker!  But teaching for 6 hours straight for three days in a row made me not want to hear the sound of my voice again for a while.  (Maybe the students concurred but were polite not to say so.)

Also last week I noticed that quite a few visitors to my site were coming from here:  A topix site.  What made it so interesting is that the man who posted regarding my site, Donny Pauling, is a Christian who used to market P, like O, like R, like N.  (Don’t think I want to get on search engines for spelling out that word.)

Also last week a group of veteran authors from this area had a wonderful dinner for me and we were able to discuss our upcoming novels. One of the exciting things about it was that I had the preliminary cover art for both The Mormon Mirage, Third Edition and The Latter-Day Cipher. Here’s one of them:

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