Where are the voices of the Acts 2 Women?

Where are the voices of the Acts 2 Women?

I‘ve been immersed in studying a well-supported theory that Priscilla may have written the Epistle to the Hebrews. Although I can give you all the historical and exegetical reasons this could be the case, the most compelling reason is “hidden” in the book of Acts.

I have a question: Where are the voices of the Acts chapter 2 women?

We know how the Pentecost promises were fulfilled in the lives of men in the Bible: we have their words recorded in accounts and epistles.

But the Pentecost promises weren’t just for men. “Your sons and daughters will prophesy,” Peter told the crowd. Women too would be Spirit-vessels and prophecy, he repeated.

And so we expect those promises to women to be fulfilled, too. And we have…. drumroll…the four prophetesses, virgin daughters of Philip;  and a Jezebel floozy in the book of Revelation. And some women of Corinth. And just the job descriptions of these women, but none of their words.

Where are the words of the Acts 2 women?

Perhaps the words of a great woman prophetess have been hiding in plain sight for two millennia, according to some scholars. The mysterious epistle to the Hebrews, some say, was written by Priscilla, wife of Aquila, co-worker with Paul. The Holy Spirit, or Breath, that was part of the Pentecost promise found home and fulfillment in her words.

True, just because we haven’t known the words of the Acts 2 women doesn’t mean they never spoke them. We’d give God the benefit of the doubt on that.

But we serve a God of fulfillment and symmetry. He promised the same gifts to men and to women.

And perhaps the lips that began the book of Hebrews by talking of the “many ways” and “many times” of the prophets of old, herself joined that number with those words.

That’s the possibility I explore in A Conspiracy of Breath.

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