Reason #64: Because I gave it a second chance

Today on the Web magazine Pop Syndicate, the editor Angela Wilson conducted what she calls “a virtual sitdown” with me concerning my writing.

In the interview, I shared with her an incident that occurred when I was writing both Latter-day Cipher and The Mormon Mirage.

I related how I went to a city where I knew I would be unknown to the local Mormons, attended LDS services and immersed myself in the doctrines.

I had to be sure I made the right decision to leave. To stay away.

I am sure.

For more information, see The Mormon Mirage 3rd Edition:  A Former Member Looks at the Mormon Church Today (Zondervan, 2009). Also available as an audiobook and as an expanded-text E-book for Nook, Kindle and other reading devices.

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