Reason #202: Guest Post, “Deceived No More,” by Vicki Andersen

Deceived No More

I thought I knew and understood Mormon doctrine.  After all, I’d been raised in a devout Mormon home and was a straight A Seminary student.  Then I went on to BYU and maintained that high grade in all my religion classes.  But when a friend introduced me to the Mormon Essays published by the church, my rock-solid testimony turned into a house of cards and came tumbling down.


The day had begun like any other day.  I was anchored in my testimony as a member of the “one true church.”  I had no questions…no doubts.  I carried my temple recommend with me at all times and faithfully served in the Relief Society organization. Then, in a single afternoon, my world imploded.


I was stunned as I read the multiple accounts of the First Vision.  My stomach rolled with nausea as I read about Joseph Smith’s polygamy.  And what was this about a seer stone?  I’d never heard such nonsense in all my years of faithful church attendance.  Whenever such stories would surface, I was reassured they were nothing more than “anti-Mormon” lies, and Satan’s attempt to destroy the Church.  Now those “lies” were posted on the official LDS website as historical truths.  I’d been deceived!


God removed my rose-colored LDS lenses and, in a matter of hours, I was completely stripped of all loyalty to the religion I once considered my greatest blessing.  I also lost my sense of self, and many friends and family.  I felt lost and alone.  The only trustworthy source of truth was God Himself.  I took His hand and He led me out of the religious rubble and through the tangled webs of deception into an intimate relationship with Him.  And I am forever grateful.

–Vicki Andersen

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