Reason # 175: Joseph Smith’s Teenage Wives

Many Mormons, upon being confronted with irrefutable evidence that Joseph Smith married multiple teenaged girls, respond that it was common in the 1800’s for older men to marry teenaged girls. However, this chart and information seem to dispute that. Chart courtesy of

Reason # 174: That Alphabet and Grammar

( This is an image of Joseph Smith’s “Alphabet and Grammar,” containing most of the text of the Pearl of Great Price’s Book of Abraham 1:13-17. The arrows point to symbols found on the papyri from which Smith supposedly translated the PofGP. The point? Those three little symbols he said represented all those words, including many multisyllabic foreign names including  Elkanah, Korash, Shagreel, Libnah, Mahmackrah, Rahleenos, and Abraham, Ur, and Chaldea. Photo courtesy of UTLM: ) Researcher Bruce MacArthur asks the following questions: Joseph Smith supposedly spent the period between late 1827 and middle 1829 in “translating” from the fabled golden plates to the Book...