a description of anger

This Incite Blog entry will take a different turn today. I’m working on a description of the “logic” of anger. It follows here: He remembered the very first time he rode a train, the unobstructed views of skies and clouds for hundreds of miles, the sensation that he was being hurtled effortlessly and without external propulsion through earth-space. This feeling embodied all he came to know about the passage of time: that it pushed him along without his permission nor even, sometimes, his consciousness; and thus it held the promise of the surprise of hope, of infinite panoramas of change. But once he came to doubt the faith of his fathers, he began to see the passage of time quite differently. He perceived it as uniform as a corrugated tin...

For those who mourn

I offer this poem for all those who are mourning the loss of the companionship of loved ones. Take heart: They have escaped this world. n Memoriam:A Saint Passes Passing:Like a little bird breakingFrom small confinesInto limitless light, shimmering sun;Breathless, wings beating,Blinded by light, impatient,Exhilarated;And then!the joy of Recognition(waves of translucent luminance like foam on theendless, untiring sea) Ransom Reunion Rest–(and eternity stretching as faras the untroubled sky) –(c) Latayne C. Scott