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Speaking programs by Latayne C. Scott

With over 20 published books and hundreds of magazine articles and poems both secular and religious, Latayne speaks from a deep knowledge of Scripture and from a lifetime of study and research.

Latayne has not only won national awards for the creativity of her writing, she has also won awards for drama and speaking. She is experienced at speaking to men, women, teenagers and children. Her spoken presentations – on radio and television, podcast, Skype and in person (see the video here)  – are characterized as substantive, mentally stimulating, spiritually challenging, and soul-nourishing.

Here are some recent endorsements.

Here is what some recent event coordinators have said:

What a marvelous class you provided our women at 2009 Red River Family Encampment!  We have never had a Ladies’ Class that grew every day. . .that is a real tribute to what you were sharing with our campers. – Jerry Lawlis (Canyon, TX)

She was outstanding in chapel.  Very direct and forthright, and as she pointed out, “The students came in ready to be bored, but notice how they changed body language.”  She was right.  They were very much into what she had to say. –John Spooner, Grace Bible College (Grand Rapids, MI)

The retreat committee and Womens Ministry Team cannot begin to tell you the buzz (good buzz) that your presentations have caused. . . I hope this reinforces how powerfully the Spirit was at work through you this weekend. – Carmen Tyler, Brentwood Oaks Church of Christ (San Antonio, TX)

We have had very positive feedback from the seminar. Everyone we have visited with really enjoyed the seminar and the emphasis on creating a deeper faith. On a side note we went to do a service project for one of our widows and she was reading your book. Also, I went into one of the offices of our instructors at Sunset and he was also reading your latest book. Your lessons and resources are having an impact. –Bill Tracy, Sunset Church of Christ (Lubbock, TX)

Latayne’s Premium Speaking Program Topics include:

A Supernatural Faith: The Shocking Truth about the Resurrection

Don’t Wait Till A Crisis: Ten Things you may not know about Prayer

What was the Shout of the Bridegroom? – Bible Marriage Customs

Mary and Martha: The Psychology of Measurement

As You’ve Never Before Seen Her: Mary, the Mother of Jesus

The Hinge of your History: A God who Becomes a Rewarder

Did a Woman Write One of the New Testament Epistles?

The Ministry of Waiting – Rahab and her Red Cord of Hope

Your Home as a Ministry Tool: When Hospitality Means More than Decorating

Ministry and the Phases of Faith—Jeremiah and Ezekiel

The Sparkling Aspects of Love from 1 Corinthians 13

Parables of Jesus: Unveiling the Stories

Eleven Keys To Raising Godly Children From A Woman Who Did

Somebody Tell Me the Truth about Angels

Time, Talents, Things:  The Christian Woman’s View of Stewardship

Unseen Realities:  How Teaching A 3-D Model Of Reality Can Transform Your Thinking Forever

True or False? History is What God Declares

Mormonism and Cult Topics

A Former Faithful Mormon Answers: Mormonism – is it Christianity?

How to assess a different religion: Mormonism, Cults and Worldview of Religious Systems

What are the Marks of a Pseudo-Christian Cult?

Writing Topics:

Using Fiction to Persuade and Inform:  Christian Upmarket Novels

The Process of Book Publication and How to Write for Publication (Books and Magazine Articles)

Poetry Programs and Dramatic Readings:

Poetry and imagination (adults and teens)

Poetry Program for Children

Readings: From A Conspiracy of Breath

From Latter-day Cipher

From Passion, Power, Proxy, Release

From Shout of the Bridegroom

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