Why We Left a Cult

Even after fourteen years of working with cult survivors, I learned new things from this book. Wayne A. Van Kampen, The Banner

This is spiritually challenging reading that can’t help but have an impact on its readers. –WBRG Radio

The comparison of testimonies provides a valuable insight into how minds are blinded to spiritual reality. The conversational style is easy to read, and the glossary is particularly helpful. The Rivendell Report

(Amazon.com Review) Insightful Information on Cults, February 18, 2006
Reviewer:Mom Who Reads A Lot (Washington DC) – See all my reviews
This book is extremely insightful, documenting six people’s experience with cults. . . This book is an excellent resource for someone who wants to know what it was like to be involved in a cult. It provides instruction on what would be helpful (and hurtful) when interacting with someone involved in one of these cults. I really like the compassion that is expressed in this book towards cult members.

(Amazon.com Review)
First hand knowledge by experienced people., May 17, 1998
Reviewer: A reader
This book was very easy to read and held my interest. It is a first hand account by people very familiar with their subject matter. They have helped hundreds of people who wanted out, so their advice is very practical. I enjoyed it so much that I bought several of the books by the 6 contributers to get more info. . .