The Red Cord of Hope

Before  the silver cord is broken, you absolutely must read again the moving story of Rahab’s red cord of faith.  Unlike the stealthy descent of the spies whose lives she saved, this time around Rahab’s cord will not let you down, but lift you up to exhilarating new heights of trust and patience in the power and promises of God. — F. LaGard Smith, best-selling author

You will be changed and blessed by this study.  Emily Lemley, editor, Power for Today

Rahab’s story whispers to us generations later because of Scott’s study of this woman and her lesson of an awe-inspiring faith.  The red cord that Rahab hangs out her window will become a very vivid symbol to all who read Scott’s book, not only of God’s plan for us but also of his powerful love for us.  –Dr. Susan Blassingame, Chair, Department of Humanities, Lubbock Christian University

( Review) This book is fat, not fluffy (when it comes to truth), June 28, 2002
Reviewer: A reader
I almost never pick up a ‘devotional’ book. But Latayne Scott’s book had a significant impact on my faith and my understanding of God’s love. It is clear after reading her extremely personal look at Rahab the harlot that God’s intention toward each of us is love. He loves us now, always has and always will. That’s what I walked away with after reading this. The Red Cord of Hope is a challenge to reconsider how we view ourselves given our own shady histories. It teaches us how to view our past failings in the light of God’s love. There are study exercises at the back which make this perfect for a small group bible study.