Writing Acronyms

Writers have their own set of abbreviations (especially in this age of Twitter — find me there under “Latayne.”)

The power of language!  Ever since I first heard “BIC” (Butt In Chair), it has reminded me that manuscripts don’t get written without BIC.

 (Well, Hemingway apparently did write without BIC, to rest an, um, condition in his bottom; and Green Berets author Robin Moore emulated his hero Hemingway by standing up too.  But I also once heard Moore did it naked, and with a roll of paper in his typewriter so he never had to stop and insert a new sheet.  Maybe it was the cold, I don’t know.)

At any rate, another acronym used by writers is WIP –Work in Progress.  

What’s my WIP?  I call it my 1st, 1st, 2nd  novel.  It’s a first-person account of events in the first century, and it’s my second novel.

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Happy writing today to us all!

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