Two New Blogs

I‘ve been gratified by the response of so many of you regarding this blog. I want to continue to provide “inciteful” topics and Bible study materials here.

However, I’ve added two new blogs to this site. The first one, “Cult Fiction,” will meet a need I don’t think is met on the Internet, that is, reviews of books that deal with cults, such as Mormonism, in a fiction format. Hence, “cult fiction.” For instance, one of the first books I’ll review is Carole Whang Schutter’s September Dawn. This is the book based on the extremely controversial new movie of the same name, starring Jon Voight. You’ll find this blog on the bottom menu of the home page of

The second blog area is one called “365 Reasons Why I Won’t Return to Mormonism.” Though most of the entries will probably be mine, I’m inviting other ex-Mormons to give their own reasons. This blog is accessed through the button at the top left hand corner of my home page. See what you think!

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