Two Book Reviews

I don’t review books much anymore. When I had my own book review column for Release and Release Ink magazines, and when I freelanced for Christian Retailing, Bookstore Journal, A Closer Look and elsewhere, it was very time consuming because I am the most rare species of the book reviewer genus – I read every book all the way through before reviewing it.

One book that has come across my desk recently is a modest, gentle-spirited book of short stories entitled The Best of Faith, Fiction, Fun, and Fanciful by Lynn Squire.  These are diverse stories about people in situations where they must make life-changing decisions, even by small acts.  It’s the kind of book you read when you want a “bite-sized” tale to think about.  Squire’s sincerity and great desire to spark insight in the reader are greatly to be commended.  It is available on or directly from Lynn at

Another book, also small but jam-packed with information and scriptural reference. is Melissa Lancaster’s Why Are We Sick?  She makes the case for a healthy vegan lifestyle combined with fasting, essential oils, exercise and rest —  all told from her own personal experience, and with humility and compassion. This is an extraordinarily useful book written by a young woman who is not only a good researcher but perhaps one of the true geniuses of Christian music today.  Melissa’s book is also available at

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