The Splintered Tree

The Splintered Tree

Years ago, after a storm in the mountains, I walked through the damp, needle-strewn soil and saw the damage that had been exacted by the lightning the night before. I saw a tree blasted apart and immediately thought of an aspect of my life.
I’d invested years of my life in a relationship. I wasn’t perfect in it, but I was sacrificial. Not everyone you love loves you back. Not everyone you bless wants to bless you.
But as sudden as that crack of light last night, I knew it was over. The Lord had spoken. I was relieved, I admit that. But I was left feeling like the tree, wrenched apart. I knew it couldn’t be put back together. Sometimes in the life of a Christian, there is a John Mark with whom you can be reconciled, and there may be an Alexander the metalworker, with whom you can’t.
I picked up a shard of the tree, and kept it for many years. It was a symbol to me of an event that changed my life. Like the Israelites who took stones from the middle of what was a raging, flood-engulfed riverbed, I looked at it often. It became a memorial to me.
However, the photo below is not of that tree, nor of that shard.
That’s because I decided to throw away the splintered wood, the memorial of that pain, as I forgave.
Now, not even the memory has all those sharp edges. Forgiveness rescued me from my hurt, and the Lord rescued me from the hurter.
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  1. Susan
    May 14, 2017

    That was a beautiful story. Thank you for sharing it. I am at this very time enjoying time with someone with whom forgiveness both directions allowed us to rekindle the gift of love. Forgjveness is our gift to ourselves.

  2. admin
    May 15, 2017

    Isn’t God good?

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