The Fellowship of Dashed Dreams

As the time approached for him to be taken up to heaven, Jesus resolutely set out for Jerusalem.
–Luke 9:51

I set now my face
Resolutely toward this, my Jerusalem
That fills me with fascination;
The Gethsemane that prostrates me with fear.
What awaits me, I do not know.
Even now, the inward mockings start, and the scouring of my
Soul has begun. There is no longer an end in sight, and
Even the anointings and feasts
To come cannot compensate for
The scalding spectre I so dread:
The cup stands before me, brimming–
Must I drink from
The sullen unrelieved crucifixion
Of my only dream?
(c) 2000 Latayne C. Scott

Many times our fondest dreams are dashed, and are lost beyond recovery. Jesus must have felt that way when He acknowledged that His ministry was coming to an end, and there were still so many unsaved people on this earth. We can find fellowship with Him in this, that even the Savior of the world had a cup to drink from that He didn’t want.

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