the best gifts

The very best gift I ever gave myself was learning biblical Greek. It has been like finding a treasure chest inside a palace. For instance, I’ve always appreciated Hebrews 11:6 which tells us that God rewards those who earnestly seek Him. But the Greek is richer: it actually says that He BECOMES a rewarder to those who seek Him. That means that if God is not currently your Rewarder, He will become that to you if you continue to earnestly seek Him.

The same thought was mirrored hundreds of years ago by Joseph Caryl, who said in commenting on Psalm 64:10 in Spurgeon’s The Treasury of David: “The righteous shall be glad in the Lord and trust in Him” — “That is, if they have failed in their trust heretofore, and not given God honour by confiding in Him, yet shall these wonderful works of God. . .work this hope.”

The thought of God becoming a Rewarder was the theme of my book about Sarah. Please if you will pray for that book.

Yours in eternal hope, L

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