Reason #194: Because I get to answer snarky letters

Here’s a recent letter to me via this site:

Another one bites the dust, ha ha.  :)  Anyhow, I think it\’s sad that you allowed Dan\’s love for you to also infect your faith.  I didn\’t see anything new here or in your books — basically a rehash of the faded blue jean arguments of the Tanners, who, like so many others, have left Mormonism but just can\’t seem to leave it alone.  In all sincerity, I hope you find peace because there doesn\’t seem to be much of it here.  Heck, there\’s more turmoil here than in the spin cycle of my washing machine.  :)

Best regards,

My response:

Thank you for your interest.

I found it remarkable — in every sense of the word — that you referred to what you found “here” (on the site, perhaps?) as having “more turmoil. . .than in the spin cycle of my washing machine.”

The spin cycle of my washing machine doesn’t have turmoil. The agitation took place in the wash cycle. The spin is a final process, using centrifugal force, to extract the last bit of dirt and rinse water from things.

That’s where I am in my life, married now for 38 years to the same Dan who says he is the happiest man in the world, with two adult children who are responsible, happy Christians married to Christians and with stable home lives themselves; with loyal friends, attending the same church I joined 38 years ago surrounded by lifelong brothers and sisters who love me.

It has taken that long to finally spin out the damage that Mormonism did. But I am free of it, and have a happy life, a wonderful honorable career, and great, satisfying, soul-deep peace with God.

I pray the same for you.

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