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Recently a reader was unable to post a comment here. I offer it on his behalf, below:

I really do appreciate the work you do in informing people on Mormonism.  I hope Mitt Romney gives an answer to this letter.  We have quite a choice in presidents this year.  Do we want four more years of a Islamic president who is destroying our country, or do we want someone who gives his allegiance to the Mormon church.  I look forward to hearing more from you in this area.   
–Johnny Moore


  1. admin
    Oct 11, 2012

    Dear Johnny,

    I, too, am concerned with this situation. For me, as for many others, it is not as much about for whom we are voting, but against whom.

    More important, though, is this reality: Jesus Christ holds the keys of death and Hades, and He and He alone decides if either of these men will even live to Inauguration Day. All authority emanates from Him, and we must trust Him to work His perfect will here as elsewhere.

  2. Kristi
    Oct 11, 2012

    Neither candidate is an advocate for Christianity as we express it. We are not voting for a church leader. We are voting for the leader of our nation.

    I am extremely uncomfortable with Obama’s apologetic for Islam, not to mention the recent revelation that his wedding band, a ring he’s worn since college, makes a statement for Allah.

    I am pleased that Romney’s faith has given him a lifestyle that keeps Obama’s standard campaign methodology of personal destruction from finding a foothold. The testimonies I’ve seen about his personal involvement in caring for those in need speaks to great character.

  3. admin
    Oct 11, 2012

    You have made some very important points. I was unaware of the wedding ring issue– do you have some documentation for that?

    I also appreciate your reminder that we are electing a political leader, and the implications of that.

    And of course Romney’s philanthropy and lifestyle have never been an issue for me!

    Thank you for commenting.

  4. Silas Shotwell
    Oct 12, 2012

    Ira North was a very famous Church of Christ preacher. He used to say, “When I get on an airplane I would love it if I knew that the pilot was a member of the Church of Christ. And I would love it even more if I knew he had been baptized by Jim Bill McInteer. (one of North’s closest friends.).” But then North would grin and say, “But even though those things are true, my main question about this pilot is ‘Does he know how to fly this plane?'”
    I wish Romney weren’t Mormon. But I think he knows far more about being a President than Obama.

  5. admin
    Oct 12, 2012

    That’s a great story, Silas!

  6. Kristi
    Oct 12, 2012

    The jury is out on the story about Obama’s ring. Snopes calls it likely untrue, original articles cite a Muslim expert.

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