New Book Title

One of the challenges of the upcoming publication of my first book on Mormonism has been settling on a title that reflects both its history (it stayed in print almost 20 years through multiple printings) and its new research.  Here is what Zondervan has said about it, and the tentative new title:

Your book”‘s long-standing is very important. We would like to include “Third Edition” in the main title, so this stands out on Amazon, CBD, and in databases where the book is listed for retailers. It will help further distinguish it from other books. It does not need to be rendered so closely to the title on the cover, however.

Regarding a subtitle, we wanted to emphasize not just the personal aspect of the book and your story, but also the relevancy and updating that has gone into it. Our team likes the following subtitle: A Former Mormon Looks at the Church Today. We feel this retains the personal aspect “Former Mormon,” but also signals that it is much more than just your story.

The Mormon Mirage, Third Edition
A Former Mormon Looks at the Church Today

What do you think, readers?  Does this title work?


  1. Amber
    Jul 13, 2008

    I like the title. It seems like a post or two ago your title said something about 30 years later, and I did like the ring that had to it. But having 3rd Edition on there seems to validate it even more. Either way, I’m excited to purchase my copy when it comes out!

  2. Latayne C. Scott
    Jul 14, 2008

    Dear Amber — Like you, I thought the new title captured more of the history and the essence of the book that anything I’d come up with. Guess that’s why somebody pays editors and marketing people for that kind of skill and expertise!

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