First Reader Review of The Mormon Mirage, 3rd Edition

I am humbled and honored by the first review of The Mormon Mirage, as posted on Barnes & Noble:

The Mormon Mirage Clears the Air 

by Thresholds

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March 28, 2009: When I began The Mormon Mirage by Latayne Scott I had very little knowledge of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints: The Mormon Church. I thought they were fellow Christians with some odd quirks. This organizations purposely presents the public face that I had seen–one that shares the Christian’s language of God, Christ, and the Holy Spirit. Scott’s book clears the air of that false image, relates her difficult journey, and reveals the truth.

Latayne Scott tells the profound story of her spiritual devotion and life-filling involvement with the Latter Day Saints. She trusted the Mormon doctrine as a source of salvation, but finally found that there was no saving reality behind it. Step by step, the Mormon revelations and teachings are proven to be scams marketed by con artists. Through years of scholarly research and multiple readings of the Holy Bible, Scott persevered, troubled by a broken heart at the loss of a beloved community, of a way of life, and even of a false god. The layers of lies cannot be conveyed any other way than by reading The Mormon Mirage itself.

Latayne actually narrates two journeys: her own and then the historic development and changes of the Mormon Church from its founding right up to the Twenty First Century. The integrity and rigor of the research and scholarship are impressive. All sources are available to be rechecked by any skeptic.

Even after being subjected to lies and vilification, Latayne’s generous spirit extends affection to those left behind, still trusting the mirage. The map that guided her out of the wilderness is recommended to the reader with the intensity of a survivor: The Holy Bible does not waiver or fade in the light of archeological and linguistic research.

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