Communion Match

Perhaps you find in your relationship with the Lord that intimacy brings its own kinds of tension, as this poem demonstrates.

The Communion Match

Oh, body of Christ!
Oh, body of Christ!
Oh blood-filled pores
Oh bones wrenched out of sockets
By its own newly-paralytic weight

I call on you, spittle-rankled skin
Outstretched, screaming muscles
Bones (unbroken, yes, but barely,
Nearly-suffocating lungs
Wrenched, failing organs
Even veins and nerves with tremors

I call on all these systems, sinuses,
I won”‘t let go until You bless me
I”‘ll wrestle Your strength until
You pull my hips all out of joint

Give me
Justice against my adversary
Give me what I ask in prayer

I swallow You whole

(c) 2007 Latayne C. Scott

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  1. Noel and Celeste
    May 15, 2007

    Truly one of the most powerful ones you’ve been given . . .

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