Christ’s Power of Cohesion

I often think of Christ’s power as manifested by His actions on earth: provision, healing, resurrection. However, there is an active, ongoing function He performs on every molecule that He created — that of cohesion, the act of holding everything together. Colossians 1:17 represents Him as the “cosmic glue.” “He is before all things, and in him all things hold together.”

This same thought is found much earlier in Scripture when the Psalmist in Psalm 65:6 tells of how He “setteth forth the mountains.” He’s been doing that since the creation of the world. Here’s how Adam Clarke (who is a whole lot better at Hebrew than I am) explained it:

“Verse 6. Setteth fast the mountains. It is by thy strength they have been raised, and by thy power they are girded about and preserved. He represents the mountains as being formed and pitched into their proper places by the mighty hand of God; and shows that they are preserved from splitting, falling down, or moulding away, as it were, by a girdle by which they are surrounded. The image is very fine. They were hooped about by the divine power.” –Adam Clarke

If it is by Christ that all things hold together, and you and I are His creations, He is bound by His own Word to hold us together, no matter how our circumstances threaten to tear us asunder. Glory to Him.

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