Christ is risen, indeed!

Thomas said to him, “My Lord and my God!” Then Jesus told him, “Because you have seen me, you have believed; blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed.” –John 20:28-29.

He is the Mighty One
He is the Creator,
The Great One
He who can bring victory
Out of the mingled paste
Of blood and ashes of defeat
How do I know
How can I say this
I stand with my elbows touching
Those of sorrowing men and women
Frozen in a slice of Friday-time
When all the world’s hopes
Were laid in a hastily-washed heap
In a borrowed tomb
With no hope
No hope
No hope
Until the first rays of Sunday
Bathed the empty tomb ledge

God’s power is most evident when everything is past salvaging, when things have gone beyond hopelessness. The Jewish believers in Jesus that we refer to as His disciples would have also identified themselves as children of Abraham. But Abraham had greater faith than any of them: “He is our father in the sight of God, in whom he believed– the God who gives life to the dead and calls things that are not as though they were. Against all hope, Abraham in hope believed, and so became the father of many nations. . .” (Romans 4:17-18.) But we are more blessed than Abraham, or even the disciples who saw the risen Lord. For we have the great privilege of honoring Him with faith that is not sight.


  1. Amber Weems
    Apr 8, 2007


    I’ve been thinking and thinking of what I should post on your new site. First of all, I think it is great. Very classy, easily maneuverable, and full of so many things that stretch my brain. The reason I’ve not posted before now is because I cannot think of anything that I feel is smart enough to be on here. You challenge me to think as I’ve never thought before and to stretch myself to God’s vision of me; not mine, not the church’s, not the world’s. I’m blessed by the wisdom God shares through you. Thank you for all that you do! Love you-Ambi

  2. Latayne
    Apr 8, 2007

    May you be blessed, dear Amber, as you have blessed our family with faithful friendship and your example of faith during trial. I would love to hear your comments any time.

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