Audio Postcard Series– How to Talk to Your Mormon Friend

A little behind my intended schedule — but —

The audio postcard series, How to Talk To Your Mormon Friend, is almost ready.

What is it? When you enter your email address on my homepage in the sign-up box, you will begin to receive 2-3 emails from me a week. Each one will contain an “audio postcard” link.

You have two options — click on the link and hear a 3 minute message about how to talk to your Mormon friend. Or click on the link at any time later. It will be waiting for you.

The first part of the series talks about how Mormons define God, salvation, and other issues — usually with the same words you use, but with very different meanings attached!

The second part of the series is “what works.” I will call on my own experience and those of other ex-Mormon Christians who describe how their Christian friends were able to reach them with the true Gospel of Jesus Christ.

So, sign up today!

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  1. Cindy Redden
    Aug 24, 2009

    I am interested in more information you have to offer. I lost my son to Mormonism nearly 3 years ago. He is now in his 16th month of a Mormon mission trip in Las Vegas. I am a Christian and raised him in a Christian home and he attended a Christian school for nearly 11 years. He was trying to witness to a high school friend who was Mormon and it all backfired. Next thing I knew he was going Mormon crazy and I could not do a thing to stop it. We now correspond weekly and the lines of communication are open for discussions. We have done a lot of discussion different doctrines and such, but sometimes the questions are long and I am unsure of the proper answers. I have spent hours of research on certain topics and so far, he still believes that he is correct and I am “anti-mormon”. I constantly am in prayer for his eyes to be opened and the truth revealed. I can use all the help I can get and all the prayers!

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