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On the HBO Web site, under one of its discussion boards dealing with its series, “Big Love,” a person previously unknown to me, Jean Joseph, did an articulate and detailed review of one of my books.  Here is the review (also posted under the “reviews” section of this site.)

(From HBO Message Boards on television show, “Big Love”: Review by Jean Joseph, May 2008.)

Ex-Mormons, Why We Left by Latayne C. Scott

The author documents the experiences of 8 people, who left the Mormon church and why.

These X-Mormons describe how the truth of the gospel became clear to them. The tell how Christians helped them and also how Christians hindered them in making this change possible.

The author has take time to find interesting people within the lds to respond, such as: Thelma “Granny” Geer, who was a baptized & confirmed member of the lds; she has been a practicing christian since 1947 (she was in her early thirties). She is the paternal great-grand-daughter of John D Lee (Remember the Mtn Meadows Massacre?). She lives & practices the “go and tell” method. Granny just tells it the way it is, from a Biblical standpoint. She desperately prayed for her husband Ernest to become a christian. Exactly 1 week after she made the decision, Earnest followed. They have a running joke between the 2 of them where she laughs and tells Ernest, “it took a Mormon to make a Christian out of you.” She’s currently 92y/o and continues to do the Lord’s work.

Cindy Bauer who has a deep heritage of Mormon ancestors who had crossed the Plains before 1865. Her mother was a “Daughter of the Utah Pioneers.” Her family ran the gamut from being “jack Mormons” to her uncle who was a “high priest”.

Dave Wilkins, who is a 4th generation Mormon and is now an active member of a Christian body.

Sandra Tanner, whose mother’s name was Young. Sandra is a great great granddaughter of Brigham Young.

The stories by each of these mentioned and a few more are very interesting. It is a big change for these people to leave the Mormon faith and then find a religious faith that serves their needs etc. Their stories offer a lot of insight as to what other’s can do in assisting those who want to convert to christianity. TLC

The thing I saw that each person kept repeating is John 3:16. They had no idea what this verse meant until they were allowed to really study God’s Word and put it all in perspective. They all make a happy note about their ability to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. They all note, that they now only read 1 book; rather than 3 or 4.

Highly recommend.
Easy read, short, 161 pages. Review by Jean Joseph.

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