I have interviewed many of the most prominent, respected and recognizable leaders within Evangelical Christianity today, and Latayne C. Scott has become one of my very favorite guests. Her gift for crystal clear articulation and command of the English language, her vast knowledge of theology and her fascinating testimony of having once been a member of a major cult give Latayne the ability to keep listeners riveted to their radios while being interviewed. Her irenic, humble spirit and her very pleasant, endearing voice allow her to speak the truth unequivocally without unnecessarily intimidating or insulting those she is attempting to correct, counsel or rescue. I heartily, without hesitation, recommend her to other talk hosts.

Chris Arnzen, host, “Iron Sharpens Iron” WNYG, Long Island NY

Latayne Scott showed both theological expertise and a great heart for people on our program. The last thing I wanted to do was alienate a segment of our audience. I think she helped us all understand Mormonism better without demonizing Latter Day Saints.

— Chris Fabry, host Chris Fabry Live, 2009 NRB Radio Talk Personality of the Year

I took Latayne Scott’s workshop by accident, since another guy didn’t show. Turned out it was the best accident of the conference. I thoroughly enjoyed the way she unfolded scripture and theme; God used Latayne’s workshop to speak directly to my life during a time of professional stress. Next time she’s in town I won’t take her workshop by accident, I’ll be the first to sign up. Highly recommended.

–Tracy Groot, Christy Award winning author of Madman

In the five years that we’ve been running Breathe Christian Writers Conference, we’ve never had people ask for a workshop speaker to return as the keynote speaker. After Latayne Scott’s workshop, several participants requested she return as our keynote.

-Cynthia Beach, writer, teacher, and member of the Breathe Conference planning committee