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The Mormon Mirage_NS#576C84

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The Mormon Mirage: A Former Member Looks at the Mormon Church Today

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Latayne Scott is a gifted writer with a thorough knowledge of Mormonism. The book is filled not only with excellent information, but keen analysis. Moreover, she demonstrates genuine kindness and empathy toward Latter-day Saints, based on her positive experiences growing up in the LDS Church…The additional material provides excellent insight into current trends and problematic issues facing the Mormon world. Ms. Scott is very tuned in to the current climate, and she addresses all of the key issues and debates. People often ask me to recommended books on Mormonism. This one has risen to the top of my list. –Ross Anderson, author of Understanding the Book of Mormon

After reading Latayne Scott’s The Mormon Mirage, I would say she has done the most complete analysis of the history and contemporary scene of the LDS religious movement. I recommend it highly. –Jackie Stearsman, Director, Florida School of Preaching