Latayne C. Scott, by the grace and mercy of God, is author of about two dozen published books, including the recently-released A Conspiracy of Breath, The Hinge of Your History: The Phases of Faith, Latter-day CipherThe Mormon Mirage, and four books in the Doorway Documents Series of  TSU Press (Trinity Southwest University). Latayne is the recipient of the Distinguished Christian Service Award by Pepperdine University for “Creative Christian Writing.” She has also won national awards and contests for poetry, humor and radio plays.

She won her first award for writing in the 3rd grade with an essay on Fire Prevention, and continued to win awards for poetry throughout high school. She attended college on poetry scholarships; and served as the president of the New Mexico State Poetry Society where she was editor of two anthologies of poetry.

Some of the non-fiction subjects on which she has written published articles: robots, military issues, theology, professional writing, small business issues, identity theft, retirement and recreation; ESL materials and newsletters. Some of the publications for which she has written: Military Officer, Today’s Officer, NFPA Journal (fire protection professionals), Guideposts, Military Lifestyle, Texas Business, Impact, Writer’s Workshop, Byline, Vista, Writer’s Digest, New Mexico Magazine, Albuquerque Journal, Sage Magazine, Today’s Christian Woman, Marriage Partnership, Goizueta Magazine, Christian Retailing, Bookstore Journal, CBA Marketplace, Retired Officer, A Closer Look, Release, Release Ink, Christian Research Journal, The Lookout, The Upper Room, Power for Today, Teenage Christian, Christian Home, Teenage Christian, The Marketeer, Image, Tempest, Purpose, Celebrate Life, Brio, Charisma, Mission Journal, Christian Bible Teacher, Poetry/People, Albuquerque Public Schools Journal, Wye magazine, Christian Family, The Penwoman, Firm Foundation, The New Era, Gryphon, i.e. magazine, Encore, other smaller literary publications.

Public speaking: Nationally and internationally (Mexico and Cuba) in English and Spanish; at workshops, conferences, and special events. Guest speaker on many radio and television programs (regional and national; some syndicated.)

She also maintains two Web sites related to her writing and research, including Representational Resources,

Latayne has been married to her first husband for 44 years. She has two grown, married children, five grandchildren and a serious addiction to the written word.

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