Reason #41: Because of the Sheer Number of Joseph Smith’s False Prophecies


Because of the Sheer Number of Joseph Smith”‘s False Prophecies:

False prophecy became a habit for Joseph Smith. Most estimates of the number of recorded false prophecies that Smith made range from 50 to 60. Edmond C. Gruss and Lane A. Thuet in What Every Mormon (and Non-Mormon) Should Know have documented the fact that Smith made at least one false prophecy per year from 1829 until the year of his death.


For more information, see The Mormon Mirage 3rd Edition:  A Former Member Looks at the Mormon Church Today (Zondervan, 2009). Also available as an audiobook and as an expanded-text E-book for Nook, Kindle and other reading devices.



  1. Bruce Mac Arthur
    Feb 23, 2009

    The LDS Church is too confused about the number of Gods to be worshiped. Publicly, they claim to worship only the one God who is recognized by Jews and Christians. Somewhat more privately, they declare that good temple-recommend “Saints” will become gods and goddesses — but say that each is worshiped only in his-and-her own universe. But confusion remains because the Pearl of Great Price –> Book of Abraham repeatedly declares that MANY (uncounted) “Gods” played a role in the Creation. And those “Gods” demand obedience and worship! If I cannot know just exactly who(-all) a church claims is God — and worthy of my praise and worship — then it is clear that such a church is NOT for me!

  2. Latayne
    Mar 6, 2009

    As always, Bruce, you have your finger on the pulse of what is important in Mormonism. Thank you for your comment!

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