Reason #141: The LDS Trinity — or Trinities?

When I was a faithful Mormon I believed that the LDS understanding of the Godhead was much more clearcut and understandable than the Christian’s concept of the Trinity. However, a recent post on Mormon Coffee brought the implications of LDS godhood into focus:

The author asks, “Do the Mormon Gods Belong to Multiple Godheads?”

By Aaron Shafovaloff

If God the Father has a Father, and if the concept of “Godhead” isn’t infinitely expandable to include all Gods, then our Father belongs to two Godheads, one of which Jesus is not a part of. If God the Father does have a Father, and if the Godhead is infinitely inclusive of all exalted Gods, then the Godhead that is “one” is potentially comprised of an infinite number of Gods.

Also, if Jesus becomes a Heavenly Father with his own “Firstborn Son”, and if the concept of “Godhead” isn’t infinitely inclusive of all Gods, then Jesus will belong to a Godhead that our Father doesn’t belong to.

If the concept of “Godhead” isn’t infinitely inclusive of all Gods, just how many Godheads can a God in the Mormon universe belong to?

Can you imagine Jesus saying to the Father, “I’ll be hanging out with my other Godheads this weekend”?

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