Reason #115: Those Moonmen just won’t go away

Eyewitnesses say that Joseph Smith and other LDS leaders not only described inhabitants on the moon, but also prophesied that 18th and 19th century Mormons would do missionary work there.

Here are some sources for that information: (courtesy of Steve Benson)

1. Will Schmidt, “Joseph Smith, Brigham Young and Extraterrestrial Quakers!,” in “The Watchman Expositor,” vol. 6, no. 9, 1989

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5. “Moonmen and the Mormons,” from the newsgroup

6. Bill McKeever and Aaron Shafovaloff, “Early Mormon Leaders on the Inhabitants of the Sun and Moon: Did Joseph Smith Teach That the Moon was Inhabited by People Dressed Like Quakers?; Philo Dibble’s Account of Joseph Smith,


For more information, see The Mormon Mirage 3rd Edition:  A Former Member Looks at the Mormon Church Today(Zondervan, 2009). Also available as an audiobook and as an expanded-text E-book for Nook, Kindle and other reading devices.

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  1. Antonio
    Oct 19, 2015

    Jon 10:04 you are not alone in asking for some clear dinnfiteois, of God, what it takes to be a Christian and if there are different criteria for different groups all claiming the same label. The line you mention is as subjective as the rest. It is difficult to get anyone one to define what they mean by atheist. Vagueness makes it easier to change to remain the same’ when errors occur or contradictory evidence is found.11:15 A good point fantastic claims are made on the basis of some old stuff, very old stuff, actually very old and tired stuff, and you are asked to sort through the stuff Ancient and Modern (bit of lightheartedness introduced here, that is the name of the hymnal on which I was raised along with the Book of Common Prayer and the Authorised KJB). I won’t go on about the wide variety of thought and opinion in the first few hundred years, it is all ignored and found to be in error and only the authorised cannon is acceptable, the question is authorised by whom and on what authority

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