from a reader

Sometimes it’s hard for people to post comments on here so they send them directly to me. Here’s one from Wendy Leaumont:

LaTayne, your posts about Romney have been eye-opening. (I don’t know HOW I’m going to vote in this election…Lord help us!) I just got a copy of “Mormon Mirage” in the mail today and can’t wait to start it. Just finished reading “Under the Banner of Heaven” by Charles Krakauer for my book club. It was well-written and informative, but I look forward to reading about Mormonism from the perspective of a Christian and former Mormon like yourself. Your work/ministry are FASCINATING to me and my husband, who is in the process of getting a Master of Divinity degree. (BTW, we just started an Apologetics class at church, which is AWESOME.) God bless and hope to meet you soon!

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