New Comment from a Reader

Recently a reader was unable to post a comment here. I offer it on his behalf, below: Latayne, I really do appreciate the work you do in informing people on Mormonism.  I hope Mitt Romney gives an answer to this letter.  We have quite a choice in presidents this year.  Do we want four more years of a Islamic president who is destroying our country, or do we want someone who gives his allegiance to the Mormon church.  I look forward to hearing more from you in this area.    –Johnny Moore

An Open Letter to Mitt Romney, Respectfully Submitted

Before I print the text of the letter I have written to Mitt Romney, I want to lay out the situation.  The problem is that conservatives want to support a conservative presidential nominee. But they are distrustful of someone who practices a religion which has in the past claimed that all other religions are wrong, and whose faithful adherents make secret vows. So here is my letter: An Open Letter To Mr. Mitt Romney:  The Elephant in the Elephant Room Dear Mr. Romney, First of all, let me congratulate your successes as your party’s nominee for the Presidency of the United States. You may not remember me—but perhaps you will. I was a freshman and wrote for Brigham Young University’s award-winning weekly publication, Monday Magazine, during your senior year...