Reason #25 — A different Jesus

Most of the arguments asserting that the Jesus of Mormonism is not the Biblical Jesus have to do with where His past diverges from the Biblical record — a Mormon “prehistory” that is finite, beginning with his “birth” to one of God the Father’s wives and a battle in heaven against his brother, Lucifer.  None of these things are “verifiable” by human means. However, I have an even more compelling reason to reject the Mormon Jesus — and it has to do with the aftereffects in human history of this person.  And this can be verified. According to Mormon doctrine, Jesus founded a church in New Testament which he promised to protect, and that the “gates of hell” would not prevail against. This church was...

LDS Church Faces Gays

Over 27,000 letters were delivered to the LDS Church Headquarters this week, all protesting the LDS Church’s support of the ban on gay marriages in California. As a former Mormon and more-than-disinterested observer, I am watching this process closely. In the past, the LDS Church bowed to political pressures to outlaw its own “commanded” polygamy, chucked the teachings of several of its own  prophets to allow blacks to hold its priesthood, and most recently even changed its own scripture to depict Native Americans as other than Jewish.  Is this a pattern?  Will it bow to political pressures on its traditional teaching that homosexual practices are sinful? I don’t think the LDS Church will capitulate, at least not right away.  For one...

Two books on Mormonism being typeset

An update on my books:  The Mormon Mirage is  completely copyedited at Zondervan, and   Latter-day Cipher at Moody.  If you are a reviewer and want a copy, please email me through this site!       \

Reason #24 Why I Won’t Return to Mormonism–Karl Butcher

  Karl Butcher was “born into” the LDS church, and served a mission.  However, he left it and here explains why: Why do I not want to go back to the Mormon church? Criticism isn’t accepted there. If your priesthood leader does something wrong, you aren’t allowed to say anything about it. If you do, it is your fault for not following the Lord’s Servants. The only thing a church leader can get in trouble for is for breaking laws that land them in Jail. NO institution and NO leader should ever be above criticism. The Mormon Church insists that they are. I’ll never go back to such a totalitarian system. Website:   For more information, see The Mormon Mirage 3rd...

Mormon Mirage Final Keyline

Wow!  Here is the final keyline (front, spine, back) for The Mormon Mirage.  It makes me want to read it.  What do you think?